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Transitioning through a difficult time

By inviting the Rapid Response Unit to meet with affected workers prior to the layoff, employees are able to access programs and services quickly, which assists them as they transition through that difficult time. Early intervention plays an important role in dislocated worker programs. It can be the key to a worker’s transition to new employment.


Benefiting employers and employees

Rapid Response benefits cooperating employers as well, improving overall worker morale, which in turn results in a more positive working environment for all employees, enabling production levels to be maintained. Participating employers may receive significant reductions in costs for unemployment insurance and other post employment services.


Layoff Aversion

Activities to assist workers facing layoffs due to potential plant or company closures.
Examples of layoff aversion activities:

Consultation with at risk businesses to explore refocus of company to serve new and changing markets.

Retraining employees to adapt to new markets and/or emerging high-growth industries.

Establish contracts with agencies with known expertise in business assessment to implement intervention strategies, including skills upgrade training for at risk employees.

Training for managers and supervisors to assume new functions and responsibilities within at risk businesses.

Meeting with employers and employees of at risk companies for closure or layoff.


Signaled by the receipt of a WARN, the San Benito Workforce Partnership offers Rapid Response services to employers who are experiencing mass layoffs or closures in San Benito County. Rapid Response presentations give employers an opportunity to provide affected employees with vital resources that help them get reemployed as soon as possible and ease this difficult transition.

Presentations are provided at no cost and cover the following topics:

Assistance programs
Free career center services
How to apply for unemployment insurance
What happens to retirement and health benefits during this transition


The Rapid Response team will coordinate everything. All we need from you is a space to present and for you to let your employees know when and where.


Our team consists of:

SBWDB’s Rapid Response coordinator
A representative from the State of California’s Employment Development Department (EDD)
A representative from the San Benito County Career Center
A certified financial planner


What do you get out of it?

Providing resources to help with the layoff transition has multiple benefits, including:


Higher worker morale and lower absenteeism during layoff event due to reduced stress
Lower unemployment insurance costs as workers are re-employed more quickly when services begin prior to layoff
Decreased likelihood of sabotage or work disruptions
Better public relations for your organization. We can work with the media to highlight services an employer is providing to its workers during a layoff period, if desired.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Rapid Response presentation, please contact the Business Services team at ajccsbc@cosb.us.