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Our Youth Service Directory provides many helpful information and resources for Youths in San Benito County.  
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Resource Materials


The following resources are available at the One-Stop Career Center for your use. Any book, CD-ROM, computer program, or video may be used at the One-Stop Career Center.

Materials are available to help you with:


General Information Books

  • "Knowing Yourself, Learning About Your Skills, Values and Planning Your Life" - Farr, J. Michael and Christophersen, Susan (1991)
  • "The Skills Advantage, Identify Your Skills for School, Work and Life" - Farr, J. Michael and Christophersen, Susan (1991)
  • "Career Guide to America's Top Industries" - U.S. Department of Labor (1995)
  • "What Color is Your Parachute?" - Bolles, Richard Nelson (1997)
  • "Career Change, Everything You Need to Know To Meet New Challenges & Take Control of Your Career" - Helfand, Ph.D, David P. (1996)
  • "Coping With Unemployment" - Jud, Brian (1993)
  • "Surviving a Layoff" - Dahlstrom & Company, Inc. (1995)
  • "The Choice is Yours" - Fuchs, Richard and Walker, Paul (1989)
  • "The Career & Life Skills Series" - Farr, Michael and Christophersen, Susan (1991) - Career Preparation, Knowing Yourself, Your Career, Making Decisions

Reference Books

  • "1996-1997 Occupational Outlook Handbook" - (OOH) - U. S. Dept. of Labor (1996) - This is the most widely-used career exploration resource anywhere. Released every two years by the US Department of Labor, this resource provides information on over 90% of the jobs held by the American Workforce. It describes what workers do on the job, the training and education needed, earnings, working conditions, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations. Covers over 100 million jobs.
  • "The Enhanced Guide for Occupational Exploration" - (EGOE) - U.S. Dept. of Labor (1995) - This is considered by many to be an essential resource for students, job seekers and changers, and the professionals who work with them. It includes tips on how to use it for exploration, 2,800 job descriptions organized into GOE-clusters of increasingly specific groups of related jobs. Explanations of the over 60 data codes provided for each job and a one page key for interpreting codes. It is also extensively cross-referenced with 8 appendices. It describes 2,800 of the most important jobs, comprising more than 95 percent of the workforce. Job descriptions are classified according to twelve interest categories.

CD-ROM/Computer Programs

  • "EUREKA" - Updated general career information. Eureka handbooks give instructions as to how to access programs. Printout available of cross references for Holland Codes, COPS System and DOT /conversion.
  • "MICROSKILLS/EUREKA SYSTEM" - Assessment Activity used to identify possible career clusters. (1996) Windows version.
  • "Occ-U-Sort/EUREKA SYSTEM" - 32 question computer questionnaire that allows individual to identify occupations from a labor market perspective.
  • "Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance" - 9th Edition Ferguson Publishing Co. (1994)


  • "Looking Ahead: Preparing to Meet the Future" (1993) - 60 minutes
  • "Careers for the 21st Century, Interactive Multimedia" - Eureka


General Information Books

  • "The Very Quick Job Search, Get a Good Job in Less Time" - Farr, J. Michael (1991) - This is one of the most thorough and results-oriented career planning and job search book on the market. Over 75,000 copies have been sold and it is widely used as a text in career planning and job search programs. An excellent resource.
  • "Getting the Job You Really Want, A Step-by Step Guide" - Farr, J. Michael (1995)
  • "Hooked Up, Get Hired, the Internet Job Search Revolution" - Kennedy, Joyce (1995)
  • "Proving You're Qualified: Strategies for Competent People Without College Degrees" - Hayes, Charles D. (1995)
  • "Knock'Em Dead, The Ultimate Job-Seekers Book" - Yate, Martin (1995)
  • "Successful Job Search Strategies for the Disabled: Understanding the ADA" - Allen, J.D.
  • "Effective Communication Skills" - Ludden, Marsha (1992)

Interview Books

  • "Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions" - Krannich, Ph.D, Caryl Rae and Krannich, Ph.D, Ronald L. (1994)
  • "101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions" - Fry, Ron (1995)

Resume/Cover Letter Books

  • "Dynamite Resumes" - Krannich, Ph.D, Ronald L. and Krannich, Ph.D, Cryl Rae
  • "Resumes for People Who Hate to Write Resumes" - Wright, Jack W. (1994)
  • "Cover Letters That Knock'Em Dead" - Yate, Martin (1995)
  • "The Perfect Follow-up to Get the Job" - Allen (1992)

CD-ROM/Computer Programs

  • "Resume Express: The Multimedia Guide" - (1995)


  • "Extraordinary Answers to Common Interview Questions" - 30 minute video
  • "Putting the Bars Behind You" - 23 minute video
  • "Dialing For Jobs: Using the Phone in the Job Search" - 30 minute video
  • "Very Quick Job Search" - 35 minute video


Reference Books

  • "The Financial Aid Book" - Student Financial Services (1996)
  • "College Degrees You Can Earn From Home" - Fry, Judith (1995)


The San Benito County One-Stop Career Center is a proud partner of America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM network.

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