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Vocational and Career Assessments


WIA Assessment is defined as an examination of the capabilities, needs, and vocational potential of a participant, and is to be used to develop an individual service strategy and employment goal.

Assessment includes an evaluation of the applicant's education, work history, potential barriers to employment, basic skills capabilities, aptitudes and work skills, family situation, attitudes toward work, behavioral patterns, supportive service needs, and interests for careers and training as they relate to the local labor market. Information is gathered primarily using questionnaires, individual interviews, paper and pencil tests, performance tests, behavioral observations, and career guidance instruments.

The most commonly used tests in this office are:

  • Tests of Adult Basic Education - (TABE) (basic skills)
  • Career Ability Placement Survey CAPS (general aptitudes) - The purpose of CAPS is to provide you with information about your abilities to help you in career planning. It will help you understand your potentials, strengths and weaknesses. It gives you a prediction of success in groups of similar careers. This tests in eight different aptitudes and shows general career areas in which you would most likely be successful. CAPS is a brief, time-efficient multi-ability battery of tests. It consists of eight 5-minute aptitude tests - all contained within a single self-scoring booklet. The 8 subtests are: Mechanical Reasoning, Space Relations, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Language Usage, Word Knowledge, Perceptual Speed and Accuracy, Manual Speed and Dexterity.

Because the choice of assessment materials depends on the information needed for each individual, you may be asked to take additional or different tests than those listed above.

The purpose of the testing is to help you determine which training best suits your own skills and interests.

The career counseling and materials you receive through this office can be a great benefit to you if you put your full effort into the process. You will receive an explanation of the purpose and results of each test you are given. Questions regarding the assessment process are encouraged.

The effective career development program is based on the premise of increased self-awareness. While testing should be only one part of such a program, it is a very important part forming the foundation for career decision making. The major role of tests in career development is to stimulate career exploration, especially focusing on increased self-awareness in relation to careers.

The exploration of careers is becoming more complex. There were more than 20,000 occupations listed in the latest Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). The identification of career options appropriate to personal aspirations and characteristics is becoming increasingly difficult. Test results can help individuals by presenting a wide scope of occupational choices and isolating a smaller segment for consideration in terms of personal interests, abilities and values.

Interests, what an individual likes to do, and values, what a person most values in work, along with abilities, what a person is most skilled to do play a major part in career selection and also influence the educational preparation that examinees will consider and select for their preparation.

Thus, the need exists for instruments providing systematic measurement of examinees' interests, abilities and values related to groups meaningfully related occupations. For someone seeking a new career, the potential gains of early self-awareness are great. In the ideal case, you will select a job that is best suited to your particular needs, you will be interested in what you are doing, and your abilities may lead to innovative changes or suggestions for job performance, and your values are not being compromised by your occupation.



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